52 Hike Challenge: Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (2/52)

Let me be the first to warn you — you will see Red Rocks Canyon Open Space FREQUENTLY on this site.  A local favorite here in Colorado Springs, it’s one of of the few place I feel comfortable taking my 5 & 7 year old boys. Not only do they love it, but it’s a beautiful space full of great possibilities. We frequent it often because it gets us out of the house, but it’s also easy enough for them to hike 3-4 miles with ease.

I also enjoy this space because of the amount of additional people we always see. It’s a heavily trafficked trail system, and on a beautiful day (which we have a lot of here in Colorado!) you’ll often find the parking lots packed. As a mama to two small ones, I don’t always like the idea of taking the two of them deeper into the mountains alone. You may have heard about a man here in Colorado who killed a Mountain Lion with his bare hands … this fear is real. I have seen bears (at a distance, thankfully) on trails, and there are no shortage of Mule Deer (while harmless, usually, those antlers can be quite large) at the base of the mountain. But when I take the boys with me, I want to not worry about my little wanderers falling down sides of trails, or worse.


So Red Rocks it is. This is not the same Red Rocks as the infamous Amphitheater up near Denver. Located near Old Colorado Springs, off of Highway 24, this open space boasts plenty of hiking trails as well as access to Pikes Peak should you choose! Usually when I hike with the boys, I don’t pay as much attention to mileage as I do time. We spent approximately an hour and a half wandering through some of our favorite part of the park. On this particular hike, it was quite snowy, and cold, so there was more playing than there necessarily was hiking, but a hike is a hike, and I will take it!

It was a great hike, and one that we will do many more times in the coming year! I definitely don’t apologize for that, as we really can never get enough!

Happy Trails!

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