Why I’m Here

This space originally started off as something different — a place for me to vent as I transitioned into a new life. However, I quickly decided (and prying eyes forced me) that I needed to narrow down my subject matter. This space will look a little bare until I get caught up with new post ideas and fill in what had to be deleted.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. If you have known me for any significant amount of time, you know this. Blogging helped me transition into life as a new military spouse, and brought me some of the most amazing friendships, that I still very much cherish today. It helped me navigate through years of infertility treatment and heart break.

And now that I am transitioning OUT of life as a military spouse, it only makes sense that I once again start writing again, in order to help me heal and move on with a new way of living.

So here I am. Writing, because that is what helps me. You will see a lot about hiking here, because at the end of the day, it’s what makes me happy outside  of my boys. I am on a very intense journey of self discovery at the moment.  It’s messy, and complicated, and requires a LOT of therapy.

But, mountains can be more than just something to get over. Whether it’s trail shoes or my emotions, I’ve got a lot of working out to do. I was MADE  for the challenge that comes with overtaking a mountain, however that mountain presents itself to me in the moment.

So here I am.  Figuring it all out and making the best of where I am.  Thanks for being here.


Published by Brittany

Boy Mom | Coffee Lover | Wanderlust | Hiking Addict www.MadeForTheMountain.com

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