52 Hike Challenge: Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (3/52)

This may seem like a redundant post, but as mentioned previously … we hike Red Rocks Canyon pretty often. This one was pretty special, because we were saying goodbye to friends. I have found that finding friends as an adult is especially challenging, and while our friends M & K were not in our lives for very long, we had a blast getting to know them.

It seems to be even more bitter sweet when the kids are better friends than the adults (and in this case, are the ones who bring the adults together!)


Needless to say, it was another beautiful day at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. We took a different route than we had the previous time, but one my boys know well. So well, in fact, that they are pretty much on autopilot unless I tell them otherwise.

We always end up doing around 3-4 miles whenever we hike here, and with plenty of trail options and things for the boys to get into, it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon. This day was no different, and with the blue skies, and frozen lake, it was a quite deceptive, yet beautiful day.

One of the hardest parts about moving to Colorado from Germany has been meeting friends, so this was a very bittersweet day for both me & the boys. But I am grateful for the friendship we had (and continue to have), and look forward to meeting up with our friends in the future!

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