52 Hike Challenge: Ute Valley (4/52)

It was a beautiful day, and as a family, we needed to get out and enjoy the glorious Colorado sunshine! I had driven by this park a couple days before, and had completely forgotten that I had hiked it last year with a group of awesome women.

One of my favorite things about Colorado Springs is that there are literally parks everywhere. Huge trail systems, right in the middle of the city. Ute Valley Park is exactly that — located near Garden of the Gods, near the base of the mountains, but surrounded by neighborhood, it’s an easy way to log a few miles without having to go too far from home!


I think we ended up doing approximately three miles this day. I love this park, because the terrain is a nice change from the parks I usually take the boys to. We had lots of rocks to climb over, some great views of Pike’s Peak, and some good inclines to get the blood flowing (and the muscles maybe slightly sore the next day).

My favorite part of hiking with the boys is the sheer excitement they get from being outside. Don’t get me wrong — not all hikes are pleasant. We have plenty of days where it’s more stressful to be on a hike as a family, then it is for me to be alone. But this day was a good day. They boys enjoyed the trail, and while I think it was a tad too long for them on that particular day, we all agreed when we got back to the car that we had fun.

They also may have been asleep within five minutes of driving away.

I love solo hiking. But I also love hiking with these two goofballs.

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