This past weekend, I flew to Seattle to drop off my kids with my mom for the next month. While I’m very excited about the solo time, it’s also very lonely. It’s amazing how you get used to the noise and the chaos, and even though it frustrates me to no end some days, I would absolutely rather have that then be alone all the time.

But in the mean time, I’m working on enjoying the downtime and making a plan, both for some much needed rest, but also to check off some things from my list. My plans for this next month have changed a bit, in that I officially have zero idea how I am going to spend my time. I freelance on the side, outside of my regular job, and single parenting has meant I am extremely far behind on some projects I’ve been working on. So priority number one has been getting caught up and to a place where I don’t feel so stressed with work-related projects. I spent Sunday afternoon catching up with some life-related necessities, after I got back in town, and last night (Monday) dove head first into the long freelance to do list. Tonight will be more of the same. Not having to pick up kids after work means I get home before 5pm, and as long as I have ample motivation, I plan to spend a good five hours of work tonight and tomorrow getting back to a better place.

Number two is making sure I take care of myself after that, and when the fun begins. I had plans to go to Moab over fourth of July weekend, but budget constraints (hooray single mom income!) just didn’t make it possible. So now I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. I have a tent, a dog, all the emergency gear, so I’m debating heading out and doing some dispersed camping for a night. I’ve been invited to hike a 14’er that weekend. My saved trails in the AllTrails app is also getting quite long, so I may work on just tackling some of those. The idea of being alone for four days after my divorce is final isn’t super appealing. At least being alone in my house. So my goal that weekend is to just stay busy.

Outside of that, once I get caught up with freelance projects, my goal is to hit some of the local trails in the evenings with the dog. The blessing of where I live is that I can be on a trail by 5:30 pm after work, and get a good solid hike in. Short hikes during the work week. Longer hikes on the weekend.

Outside of THAT … I have walls to paint, furniture to paint, yard work to do and projects around the house to get done. I’d like to plant some more Colorado friendly but pretty bushes & plants in my front yard and through the river rock.

Essentially — I’m here, and I’m moving, but only because when I don’t move, the loneliness sinks in quite a bit.

What’s on your to do list for the next month?

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