52 Hike Challenge: Ute Valley (4/52)

It was a beautiful day, and as a family, we needed to get out and enjoy the glorious Colorado sunshine! I had driven by this park a couple days before, and had completely forgotten that I had hiked it last year with a group of awesome women. One of my favorite things about Colorado Springs…

52 Hike Challenge: Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (3/52)

This may seem like a redundant post, but as mentioned previously … we hike Red Rocks Canyon pretty often. This one was pretty special, because we were saying goodbye to friends. I have found that finding friends as an adult is especially challenging, and while our friends M & K were not in our lives for very long, we had a blast getting to know them. 

52 Hike Challenge: Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (2/52)

Let me be the first to warn you — you will see Red Rocks Canyon Open Space FREQUENTLY on this site.  A local favorite here in Colorado Springs, it’s one of of the few place I feel comfortable taking my 5 & 7 year old boys. Not only do they love it, but it’s a…

52 Hike Challenge: Palmer Trail (1/52)

This past Sunday, I took some time to myself and hit the trails. It was the first hike of the new year, and it only seemed fair to do one of my favorite trails in the area. If you are a hiker and aren’t familiar with the 52 Hike Challenge, definitely check out their website….